01: jozif (Fabric, Wolf + Lamb, MoG, Vitalik, Fear of Flying)

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Our inaugural poddie is by a young man who we believe is on the cusp of greatness… JOZIF.  He also happens to be Resident Advisor’s Sales Manager and regularly plays Room 1 at Fabric, so much in fact that one could call him a resident.  We first noticed him when he released on his own label MOG, his blissful slo-mo tracks instantly won us over and we’ve been fans ever since.  In 2010 he has a string of hot releases due, most impressively on the most (yes we said most twice) talked about label for 2009 namely Wolf + Lamb and it warms our hearts to see what is in store for our lad this year.  As for his sound… we quoted from his biography because we couldn’t have said it better – “Eschewing the ‘in’ sound, jozif’s output has always followed its own path – quirky, charismatic and thoroughly electronic, his are the stand-out tracks that permeate a twisted 6am dancefloor, or drive a Balearic afterhours party through the roof.”  Along with his mix JOZIF answers some questions we had on why you should start a label, how to get signed and how to pick an awesome artist name.

So JOZIF… where did you get your artist name from?  It’s awesome – sounds like some kind of mythical character from a story about burning bushes and animals taking a boat across the desert.

Hahahaha – yea I think I read that one..shit ending :) jozif is just my name…you’re probably better off asking me Mum.

Amazing, what a novel idea – using your own name as your artist name!  That’s some kind of genius!  You have a lot of releases lined up so early in 2010 on some excellent labels, how on earth did you pull it off? And was the sex any good?

I think you’ve answered your own question… lots and lots and lots and lots of sex!!
I don’t know really.. I just try and keep things on a more personal level, try and build a relationship with a few labels that I like, that I share the shame ethos as and do it that way.
To be honest, rather than release a record a week on a different label, I’d much prefer to have less releases  and do them on a few selected labels.  That way I think you can build a partnership and build some Type of vibe…family… like what I’m doing with Vitalik, Infine, Leftroom, Fear of Flying and now Wolf + Lamb….

Perfect, that’s exactly the way we like to get ahead as well… lots of sex!  Are the people at Fabric family as well? Talk us through how it felt when you first got asked to play at Fabric and how was your first time DJing at what every DJ says is the best club to play in the world… were you shitting your pants?  The last time you played you ending up playing back to back all night with Craig Richards because Jay Haze pulled a sickie … how was that?

The folk at fabric are most definitely what I’d call family… they have all been super super supportive of me and my music.. everybody from Julienne through to Keith, Judy & Craig.  They’ve all been a massive part of development over the past 3 years and I can’t even begin to thank them enough.

The 1st time I played was a little Live show that Judy & Craig asked me to do.. I wasn’t really shitting my pants because I had spent soo much time at the club… and getting on stage, playing music and larking around is the only thing I’m really any good at… but I was a bit shocked when Keith came down especially to see me… that was a pretty big deal to me.

Yea, the last time I DJ’d there was back in January and poor Jay Haze was poorly so my warm-up set was extended and then Craig and I did the rest b2b…. was bloody amazing!

Wow that is pretty amazing, you do deserve the support they give you though, your shiz is good, really really good… especially the MoG stuff and that nugget (Chicago) coming out on W+L.  How did you meet your Fabric family?

I met Craig through Andrew Weatherall… I gave him some of my music at a gig and he called me the next week saying he really liked some of the tracks..
After that, I thought the only other person that might understand the music (some of them were bit ‘out there’) and appreciate it was Craig Richards.
So I went to the club to see him, gave him some tracks and left it for a few weeks.  He then called me about month or so later saying that he’d been playing a few of
the tracks down the club and that I should come down & have a drink sometime…. which I did :)

Talking about amazing… what’s it like working at the world’s best dance website namely Resident Advisor?  You probably spend most your days ‘making deals’ in coffee shops right?  I’m pretty sure you have the dream job of a few DJs, globally.  How did you get the job?

I’m not quite sure I’d call it a dream job but I am fortunate to work for a great magazine with some great peeps… I used to work for another magazine and RA asked me to join them when they were setting up their London office..

You have your own vinyl-only label called MoG which you release some of your own stuff on, tell us about it… and do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start a label?

As for advice – I’d say Do it do it do it!!!
As mine is vinly only, it does take quite a bit of $$ but it’s sooo worth it…

MoG has taken a wee bit of back seat recently because of all the other work I’ve been doing, but I plan to release vol 3 and 4 soon – the idea behind it was just
To put out some DJ tools.. simple, groove based records… nothing too serious…

And groovy they certainly are! What are some of the rewards you get out of doing a label?

Well, and I can only speak from my point of view, doing it all yourself can be a bit of a ball ache, making sure all the mastering is up to scratch, dealing with pressing plants, artwork etc But to have complete control over everything and be able to carve your own little notch into the music community is cool… you know it’s never gonna change the world or reinvent the wheel
But every so often you get a nice little buzz when either someone you respect emails or calls ya saying they bought some of your vinyl or you walk into a club and you’ll hear it being played.
I love it, I just wish I had loads and loads of money so I could release stuff all the time on MoG!!! (which are actually my parents initials – the 1st 2 releases were done on my mum’s kitchen table!!).

Your bio talks about a future project with one of dance music’s true heroes – can you tell us about it.

All will be revealed b4 Miami :)

Check out jozif’s latest release Tiger Tiger on Fear of Flying here

jozif myspace

jozif soundcloud


1.       jozif  -The Ride (Live version) – N/A
2.       Class Candy – Versicolour Digital (jozif’s Etage edit)- N/A
3.       jozif – Chicago – Wolf + Lamb
4.       Trisco – Musak  (jozif’s MoG remix ft. Zeska) – N/A
5.       Rober Cashin – 120 Won’t Cut It (jozif’s RCd2 remix) – Xetone records
6.       jozif – I’ll B – Leftroom
7.       jozif – Rice & Peas – N/A
8.       jozif – Beats in Space – Leftroom
9.       jozif – Rutka – N/A

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