02: m50/Area (Wave, Steadfast, Echospace, Mathematics)

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m50 is a young (we think) guy who we know nothing about, we came across his music on SoundCloud and have been enthralled because not only does he upload a number of tracks a day but  they are all ridiculously good.  How does he do it, well we don’t know… and we couldn’t find anything out really… he’s mysterious, really really mysterious.  He’s so mysterious that he wouldn’t tell us his name and his ‘press’ photo is the pic of the blue floor which has a doorway to his studio, we think?  At least the secrecy is not for obnoxious reasons as we found him to be very modest – when we asked about his music, if it was the result of 25 hour days in the studio, he simply said ‘I wish I was creative and diligent enough to produce all day long, I don’t spend as much time on it as I would like to’, perhaps the abstruseness is born from the complex mind of a true artist.

Luckily for the world he’s not too secretive to release his music or perform.  He’s had a weekly radio show on WNUR since 1999 and released as Area on some of the greatest labels of our time i.e. Wave, Steadfast, Echospace & Mathematics.  For his next gig he will be playing with none other than Francois K at Cielo for his Deep Space residency… that all reads like the bio of a well travelled artist yet we haven’t seen him in any press or listed on any European line-ups… so who is m50?  A phenomenal musician and we think his music will prove just that.

m50 will be in London for a Colony event at The Russian Bar on 15 May 2010, playing alongside Al Tourettes.

m50’s Website

m50’s Soundcloud


STL : In My Dreams (Intrusion Dub) : Things From The Basement : Something
Rondenion : Blue Canal : Dark Adaption : Rush Hour
Radiq : Mo’ Roots : Mo’ Roots : Philpot
Herbert : Leave Me Now Instrumental : Leave Me Now : Soundslike
Ben Watt Featuring Julia Biel : Guinea Pig (DJ Koze’s Vocal Variation Remix)
Marcel Dettmann : Vertigo (Wincent Kunth Remix) : Dettmann Remixed : Ostgut Ton
Area : Thankful : [unreleased]
James Blonde & Oliver Deutschmann : Milanese (Nick Chacona RMX) : Milanese Remixes : Falkplatz Limitert
Monobox : Trade (Pantytec Remix) : Monobox Remixes Vol 1 : Logistic
Pawel : Crillon : Pawel : Dial
Baby Ford : No Day : Gravy Train : Perlon
Kevin Gorman : Balance (Area Remake) : [unreleased]
Florence : The Vineyard (Peter Ford Remix) : The Vineyard : Eevo Lute
Kollektiv Turmstrasse : Last Day : Like The First Day : Diynamic
Moritz Von Oswald : Watamu Beach Rework : Watamu Beach : Desolat
Quantec : The Formula : Isolate : Styrax
Mlle Caro & Frank Garcia : Dead Souls (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Remix) : Dead Souls : Buzzin’ Fly
Black Jazz Consortium : Tribal Dance : Structure : Soul People Music
Martyn : Seventy Four (Redshape Mix) : Remixes : 3024
Das Bierbeben : Wie Ein Vogel (Chloé Remix) : Remixes : Shitkatapult
Panash : Cheval : Unicorn : Atavisme


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