Why Can’t All Artists/DJs Be As Down To Earth As Cottam?!

It’s Bank Holiday Weekend and Friday night (30 April 2010) is a pretty big lineup at Horse & Groom (London) but we came to meet our new friend Cottam, first name Paul.  We’ve been in London almost 3 years now and for the last 2 years or so we’ve been telling artists when we like something they’ve made, but few even acknowledge that we’ve said anything at all, yet alone add us to their top myspace friends and continually stay in contact such as Paul Cottam has.  Meeting him in person was just as lovely a experience, he is one of the most down to earth & understated artists we have ever met.  Paul is just a normal person like you and me, all artists are, but Paul hasn’t forgotten it now with his new found fame like so many others do.  Some people may put artists’ ‘distant behaviour’ down to the fact that they are so busy, well dear friends, Paul is just as busy.  Paul is so busy he only gets about half an hour a week to make music, isn’t able to do much press & needs at least a months notice to play gigs.  You see, Paul is a stay at home dad with no less than THREE children.  So what appears to be a man shroud in mystery, is simply a man so dedicated to his family that he doesn’t get time to do much of the things that puts other artists so much in the public eye.

Paul never intended on any of this happening, all his equipment was packed away except one deck to listen to new records he bought.  He was simply bored one day whilst renovating the house (before baby 3 was born) and decided to start playing around on his laptop.  After 3 months of fiddling he decided to send what he’d done to a friend and BAM he’s on everybody’s playlists.

We didn’t get to stay for his 2am set but we met the man behind the music and that was truly one of the most fulfilling London industry experiences we’ve had.

Below is his latest mix he did for Warm, lovely stuff.


Cottam Myspace

Cottam SoundCloud


3 thoughts on “Why Can’t All Artists/DJs Be As Down To Earth As Cottam?!

  1. No word of a lie Shy and Linds.
    You guys have my respect with
    that post.
    You both have your hearts,
    heads and ears doing the write

  2. Hi,

    I couldn’t agree more with you on your write up. Paul is a very close friend of mine and is the humblist person I know and I have the upmost respect for what he has achieved so far.

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