Jitterbug – Beaten Trax EP (Uzuri) review

Uzuri Recordings welcomes summer with another storming EP from South London resident Jitterbug. This, his second release on the inimitable deep house label, starts off on a lush dub techno tip with the aptly titled Catacombs. Delayed chords and huge reverbed kick drum push the track forward at a comfortable pace, while what sounds like a reversed drum-loop sample keeps your interest over the top. The hypnotic pace and undulating synths make this track a winner for being exactly that, a slow-burning, loopy trip through deep techno. Dune Buggy ventures into more classic Deep House territory, with some old-school clap/hat combinations that almost seem to trip over each other, while the playful bassline bounces happily underneath without ever fully revealing itself.

Thanx Spencer up’s the tempo on the B-side slightly, with a more 4-to-the-floor approach, all groovy basslines and echoey sci-fi effects. The producers’ deft hand shines through on this track, with what seems like a multitude of synth lines drifting in and out of the frame, all working together to masterful effect. This is probably the most dancefloor-ready of the lot, and is sure to become a weapon in a few bags over the coming months. The EP closes out with a slo-mo disco workout (Ancient Ruins), once again delivered with beautiful restraint and sure to leave the dancefloor begging to be released from it’s irresistible clutches.

This 11th in the series from Uzuri certainly helps reinforce the uncompromising consistency of the label. One gets the feeling that each track released under it’s banner is produced, chosen and finally committed to wax with the utmost care and consideration, and I for one cannot wait to hear what they hit us with next!

Words by Robin Would.

Uzuri Myspace

Jitterbug Myspace


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