Mixes That Got Us Through Today‏: BLM, Prosumer, Vakula

BLM – Me and a Few of My Records


BLM, owner of Fear of Flying, puts out a flawless and deeply deep mix which had me in a trance.

BLM (aka Ben Micklewright) came up through the ranks from bedroom DJ at 15 listening to 2-step and garage [he admits to still dropping the occasional 4/4 garage bomb in his sets even now with Todd Edwards and the Kerri Chandler-produced Kamar particular stalwarts], through to a formative stint at the Midlands’ respected Massive Records, where he met Jay and his love of house took root. A sound engineering degree and a move to Nottingham, where he spun at the city’s then-key clubs, widened his musical education.
Still only 23 and now based in London (he’s originally from Oxford), although BLM’s been making music since 2004 it was the launch of the label and at the same time his own production career proper three years ago that sent out a statement of intent. Tracks such as the techy Believe In Love, the sublime Gyms Are For Pussies and the Balearic-tinged deep house of Oi Pedro, Do You Do Chips have marked him down as a name to watch out for and helped confirm Fear of Flying’s status as a label on the up.
BLM’s idiosyncratic take on deep, minimal house [whether it be the garage influence clearly evident in his work or the irreverent track titles] is a breath of fresh air from the earnest posturing of many a serious producer. And the label’s other artists [Leif to Pawas to Cally] also tread their own individual paths yet nonetheless manage to compliment both BLM and Fear of Flying’s approach. Together they form a well-matched collective, but lazy dance music by numbers it definitely isn’t

Vakula Mixtape of own tracks

Prosumer Live @ The Villa, Oslo – 29-05-2009


This is what Panorama Bar sounds like as resident Prosumer lays down another deep grooving live set in Oslo.


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