Ribn – Light Black EP (Mild Pitch) review

By now most of us will be familiar with Max Heesen (Langenberg) and Manuel Tur under their Ribn guise. A string of releases on Ovum, Millions of Moments and Mule should give you a clue to the creative direction of the duo; exploring the murky, dubby depths of house and techno. The latest release on their own Mild Pitch label shows them on top form once again.

Light Black states it’s intentions early on, with a crunching bass stab leading the way while the atmospherics slowly rise underneath. The pace is increased with the introduction of a ride cymbal that hardly lets go for the subsequent 6 minutes, while delayed stabs join muffled percussion to create an unrelenting rhythm, but still providing subtle nuances to keep the listener interested. Sin and Figs on the flipside is all deep, melodic charm, with it’s breezy synth line and shimmering strings layered over live handclaps, balearic snares and a rolling bassline. The track succeeds in capturing that warm ‘sunny terrace’ feel which is probably where it’ll cause the most dancefloor damage. The EP closes out with Stonedrum, a bumping slow burner with a pitched-down vocal and off-kilter percussion that compliments the mood perfectly. My only complaint is that at a paltry 4 minutes 50 seconds, the tracks ends just as it’s about to start. Buy two copies and have some fun with this one!

It is a worthy addition to the already sterling Mild Pitch catalogue, and Tur in particular shows no sign of slowing down, having already shown his hand in a variety of genres recently. Perhaps it is this diverse approach that has helped make this EP so well rounded, not  having to rely on a limp B-side remix, but rather showing confidence in their own ability as (obviously) skilled producers.

Words by Robin Would

Buy On Juno

Mild Pitch Myspace


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