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Every week (if we can) we will post up which albums, mixes, singles from the past week shone a light on our existence.  Please support the artists by at the very least listening to them!

bvdub – The Art Of Dying Alone

We’re not the hugest fans of dub techno, we do like it and definately don’t mind it but a lot of it sounds the same so I guess its a lot like an acquired taste much like olives.  However this BVDUB album just released sways slightly from your stock standard dub techno and makes for easy listening for any electronica fan.

Click image above to listen.

Trus’me SoundCloud Mix

Trus’me, Prime Numbers label boss, is a bit of a gift from God (if you believe in Him/Her/It) and luckily for us he posted a new mix up on SoundCloud last week.

Listen above or download here

The Moroders keep-it-deep Podcast

listen above or download here

As much as the keep-it-deep podcast series is a bit of a new find for us, so is The Moroders – in fact we’d never heard of them until this podcast.  We are however familiar with their brand new imprint Uncanny Valley which features another favourite artist of ours Jacob Korn.

This mix is blindingly good and has been on repeat, it starts off beatless moves onto lovely deep house then to some of the best techno I’ve heard and then back to deep house!  If you only listen to one thing we ever post this should be it!

and here’s a video from a recent gig of their’s

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