Ninja Tune Turns 20

It’s no surprise that Ninja Tune has managed to stay afloat for 20 years with so many sinking ships all around.  They are a phenomenal label that, more often than not, sign artists that quite literally take your breath away.

To celebrate their 20th they are releasing Ninja Tune XX: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces, a boxset of mammoth proportions.

It includes:

“Three hardcover cases in a hardback box, all beautifully made and with foil-blocked text and general marvellousness by Openmind. It will fit into your library of rare and exclusive artifacts like a well oiled rude part into another complementarily-shaped rude part. Which is another way of saying that if you are a fetishiser of objects this is one you will HAVE. TO. HAVE. Surrender now.

  • Case 1 contains 6 CDs of new exclusive music: 4 CDs of which will be released as two stand alone compilations (which will include a few recently released favourites as well as the wealth of exclusives found on the box set, apart from the 7 Inch’s and CD5+6) + 2 CDs of music only available in this box set – i.e. not available digitally or anywhere outside the box set.
  • Case 2 contains: 6 x 7″ singles – all material only available in this box set + an inner pocket with a Ninja family tree poster by Nigel Peake + Ninja Artwork Poster
  • Case 3 is the exclusive hardback edition of Black Dog Publishing book “NINJA TUNE: 20 Years of Beats and Pieces” by Stevie Chick (hardback edition only available in this box set)

Also note that each box set has a unique code and buyers can use this to register for more free yet high-grade goodies from future releases.”

Full tracklisting:

* = New & exclusive tracks

click here to listen (and/or buy)


Two Fingers ‘Fools’ *
Roots Manuva ‘It’s On’ *
Toddla T ‘Want U Now’ (feat. Ms Dynamite) *
Dorian Concept ‘Her Tears Taste Like Pears’ *
Zomby ‘The Forest’ *
Offshore ‘Jen At The Station’ *
Emika ‘Double Edge’
Toddla T ‘Sky Surfing’ (Benga Remix) *
Big Dada Sound ‘Signs’ *
Coldcut & Hexstatic ‘Timber’ (Seiji Remix) *
Andreya Triana ‘Lost Where I Belong’ (Flying Lotus Remix)
The Bug ‘Catch A Fire’ *
The Bug ‘Tune In (Version)’ *
Eskmo ‘Cloudlight’ *
Daedelus ‘LA Nocturne’

CD2 :

Roots Manuva ‘Dub Styles’ (Micachu Remix) *
Diplo ‘Summer’s Gonna Hurt You’ (Diplo 2010 Remix) *
The Heavy ‘How You Like Me Now?’ (Joker Remix)
Stateless ‘Ariel’ (Rustie Resmak) *
Diplo ‘Newsflash’ (Metronomy Remix) *
PRDCTV ‘Metropolis’ (Dan Le Sac Remix) *
Dark Sky ‘Leave’ *
The Long Lost ‘Woebegone’ (Flying Lotus’ Like Woe Remix)
Spank Rock ‘What It Look Like’ (Todd Edwards Remix) *
Shuttle ‘Lion’ *
Poirier ‘Get Crazy’ (Mark Pritchard Dub) *
Jammer ‘One Over Me’ *
Fink ‘This Is The Thing’ (EL-B Digital Edit) *
Amon Tobin ‘Lost & Found’ *

CD3 :

Lou Rhodes ‘One Good Thing’ (The Cinematic Orchestra’s New York Quartet Version)*
Bonobo & Speech Debelle ‘Sun Will Rise’ *
Grasscut ‘Blink In The Night’ *
Bonobo & Andreya Triana ‘Wonder When’
Quincy & Xen Cuts Allstars ‘I Hear The Drummer’ (Tunng Edit) *
Yppah ‘Never Mess With Sunday’ *
Jaga Jazzist ‘Endless Galaxy’ *
Cougar ‘$64k Rainbow’ *
Amon Tobin ‘Eight Sum’ *
DJ Vadim ‘The Terrorist’ (Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix) *
Roots Manuva ‘Witness’ (Slugabed Remix) *
Andreya Triana ‘A Town Called Obsolete’ (Mala Remix) *
Coldcut ‘Man In A Garage’ (King Jammy Vocal) *
Lorn ‘Soft Room’ *
Loka ‘The Beauty In Darkness’ *
Paris Suit Yourself ‘I’ll Let You Know’ *
Jono McCleery ‘Tomorrow’ (Edit)
Floating Points Ensemble ‘Post Suite’ *


Eskamon ‘Fine Objects’
The Bug ‘Skeng’ (Autechre Remix) *
Emika ‘Drop The Other (Daedelus Fragments Into A Thousand Little Pieces) *
Amon Tobin ‘Bloodstone’ (King Cannibal’s Clockwork Wolfen Remix) *
Amon Tobin ‘Foley Versions’ (Kronos Quartet Interpretation) *
Anti-Pop Consortium ‘Volcano’ (Four Tet Remix)
DELS ‘Eating Clouds’ *
Mr Scruff & Kirsty Almeida ‘Pickled Spider’
Jaga Jazzist ‘Toccata’ (Grasscut Remix) *
The Death Set ‘Impossible’ (Shuttle Remix)
Daedelus ‘Trouble With A Capital D’ *
Roots Manuva ‘Let The Spirit’ (Hot Chip Remix)
Mr Scruff ‘Believe’ *
Bonobo ‘Eyesdown’ feat. Andreya Triana (Floating Points Remix)
Shuttle ‘Tunnel’


CD 5:

Floating Points Ensemble (Almost In Profile) *
Bonobo ‘Stay The Same’ Welder remix *
The Cinematic Orchestra ‘Familiar Ground’ (Solid Steel version) *
Bonobo ‘Eyesdown’ (feat. DELS) *
Kyle Hall ‘Golden Moments’ *
Jaga Jazzist ‘Synchronise Your Watches’ *
Roots Manuva ‘The Falling’ (Doomed remix) *
The Herbaliser ‘Something Wicked’ (Roots Manuva’s Haunted House Dub) *
Fink ‘See It All’ (Scuba Remix) *
DJ Food ‘African Rhythms’ (Tom Middleton Remix) *
The Qemists ‘Don’t Lose It’ *
Coldcut ‘This Island Earth’ (Joe Goddard Remix) *
Coldcut ‘Sound Mirrors’ (Grasscut Dub) *
Roots Manuva ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ *

CD 6:

Roots Manuva ‘Witness’ (Modeselektor’s Troublemaker Rmx) *
Coldcut ‘True Skool’ (Zomby Remix) *
The Bug ‘Poison Dart’ (Prefuse 73 Broke Moog Version) *
Coldcut & Hexstatic ‘Timber’ (Super Sargasso Orb Mix) *
DJ Food ‘Dark Lady’ (Alix Perez Remix) *
Kid Koala ‘3 Bit Blues’ *
DJ Food ’20/20 Rhythm’ *
Blockhead ‘Ugly Brown’ *
DJ Food ‘Dark Lady’ (808 State Remix) *
Roots Manuva ‘Join The Dots’ (Cut Chemist Remix) *
Shuttle ‘Rotten Guts’ (Gold Panda Remix) *
DJ Vadim ‘Yea Man They Listening’ *
Wiley ‘My Mistakes’ (JME Remix) *
King Cannibal ‘The Grind & Crawl’ *
Blockhead ‘The Music Scene’ (EL-P Remix) *
Cedell Davis ‘Been Through Some Stuff’ (cLOUDDEAD Remix) *
The Heavy ‘What’s So Good Bout Goodbye’ *
Clifford Gilberto ‘Deliver The Weird’ (Dorian Concept Remix) *

6 x 7″ single:

Bogus Order ‘Chillin With My Zen’
Bogus Order ‘Zen Bones’

Kid Koala ‘Skanky Panky’ (Wrongtom Dub)*
Coldcut ‘Boogieman’ (King Jammy Dub)*

King Geedorah ‘Snakecharmer’ (feat. Kurious as Biolante) *
Daedelus ‘Impending Doom’ (Rustie Remix) *

Two Fingers ‘Bad Girl’ (The Bug Dub) *
Spank Rock ‘Sweet Talk’ (Matthew Herbert Remix) *

Mr Scruff ‘Wriggle’ *
Toddla T ‘Pum Pum’ *

Wagon Christ ‘Sloth Gets Paid’ *
Coldcut ‘Not Paid Enough’ (DJ Kentaro Turntable Mix)*


** Boxset buyers who register with Ninjashop using their unique code will also be given these 12″s – not available elsewhere…

a. Roots Manuva ‘Witness (Modeselektor Remix)’, Coldcut ‘True Skool’ (Zomby Remix), Stateless ‘Ariel’ (Rustie’s Pentagram Remake)
b. DJ Food ‘Dark Lady’ (Alix Perez Remix), The Herbaliser ‘Something Wicked’ (Roots Manuva Dub)


a. Pop Levi ‘Blue Honey’ (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix by The Amorphous Androgynous)
b. Coldcut ‘More Beats & Pieces’ (United States Of Audio Remix), Flanger ‘Psy Sound’

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