Lukatron – Facts of Life EP (Quintessentials) review

It is encouraging to see labels like Quintessentials flying the vinyl flag while still catering to the ever-growing digital market, and they continue a strong run of releases with the latest from Luke Solomon as Lukatron. With an already impressive discography dating back to the mid-90’s, he works the ‘vintage house’ sound to great effect under this new moniker. The record is a story of two sides, the A-side bringing the upfront party vibe while the B-side provides the deeper antidote.  Revolution aims straight for the feet with it’s funky piano loop laid over a bumping 4/4 groove.  Marvin Gaye samples run the risk of being overused in house music, but on Just About To Lose My Mind and Bring It they are complimented perfectly by warm pads and druggy beats, not doing much more than providing an identity to the idea.  Facts of Life lands the killer blow as an outstanding chugger regardless of it’s slower tempo and is elevated by skittering percussion and infectious soul claps.  Overall this latest EP affirms Solomon’s position as one of the UK’s most talented and prolific producers.

Words by Robin Would

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