Pjotr – Sojush (Ethereal) review

Something is up in Moscow. With the likes of SCSI-9, Nina Kraviz and Anton Zap all calling the city home, and nights like Propaganda attracting the who’s who in the world of house, there certainly seems to be no shortage of talent or activity.

It is Zap‘s Ethereal Sound that introduces the elusive Pjotr for it’s latest release.  It is safe to say that the anonymous producer idea has been done to death, but one thing it undeniably provides is a platform where the music speaks for itself, rather than the reputation or history of the (wo)man behind the machine.  Sojush is a warm, winter blanket, literally. Listening to this record makes one want to pull it closer and snuggle.  I can’t really think of a better way to describe it.  All the staples are present (dirty analogue kicks, head-bobbing basslines, twinkly bells, upward-moving pads, etc.) but the strength lies in the execution.  Each track sounds effortless, simply requiring you to listen, and maybe dance if the mood strikes, but if not it’s okay – just listen.  One can almost picture oneself standing in the middle of the dancefloor, eyes closed, just letting each slowly-released element wash over you.  This is deep house, done WELL.

Stream below or by clicking here.

Words by Robin Would

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