The Importance of Knowledge Sharing

A certain popular podcast series was complaining recently about there being too many podcast series’ and, as a new podcast series, I felt I should speak up on belhalf of ‘A. N. Other Podcast Series’.

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Yeah it is all copy cat but who doesn’t love music so surely the more there are the better it is for music.  It gives people more of a choice instead of one or two dictating what the pubic  should listen to and what’s hot.

We (Sahin Meyer) come from a country where the scene can be very messed up, not many people have the internet at home and as a result the general public only knows what DJs are playing out at clubs which, a lot of the time, is pretty average for the same reason.  This is why we moved to London.  So believe me you’d rather be in a world where there’s loads of people doing podcasts, exposing artists and generally giving people access to as much music as possible.  Knowledge is power.  The more good music that’s available to people to listen to the more of an audience you’re creating because you’re showing people what’s out there, do you really want even more artists like Lady Gaga!

We’re all trying to get somewhere in the industry and podcasting enables one to meet people, gain an audience, learn how the industry works.  Surely there’s no harm in that?!  If I had a choice I’d rather have an option of a million podcasts than being directly spammed continuously via my Facebook & Myspace inboxes.  At least podcasting is constructive.

It also helps artists and labels, the more podcast series – the more artists can be exposed.  So really, it’s a win win for everybody.

Having a problem with the number of podcast series is like saying, oh no not another electronic artist, or, oh no not another label, or, oh no not another platform for someone to express them self!

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