This Guy is Bloody Amazing

We all know Fink is bloody amazing, but he’s outdone himself in this cover of REM (and I don’t even like REM).  Above is a video of him performing The Apologist live on radio.  I saw him at an Ame gig at Plastic People once and had to keep myself from going up and telling him how awesome he is.

Fink is one of the few things I can listen to over and over and over.  Good music for the soul.

Plus I just found out he’s done dubs of his own music which came out on Gus.

Listen here

Fin Greenall is Fink, electronic singer-songwriter type, whose last album, Sort of Revolution, came out on Ninja Tune last year. Greenall is also Sideshow, who records post-punk-tinged dub that’s good at tightening the screws for Aus. Fink Dubs, then, is Greenall dubbing his own work.

soundcloud | facebook | twitter | myspace


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