Area – Tangled In (Steadfast) review

Steadfast Records has put itself on the map in a relatively short space of time, thanks in part to the prowess and respect earned by label head Brendon Moeller, but also being held aloft by a steady string of releases covering the spectrum from deep house to techno in its many varying forms.

Area (also known as m50, resident Reductio podcaster) has debuted his first full release for the imprint recently, which turns out to be a rather compelling modern-day union between New York and Chicago, two of the more iconic and historic cities in the dance music skyline.  The original of Tangled In staggers along in loose, syncopated fashion, steadily building a claustrophobic collage of tension around a gritty kick drum and swelling bass.  On the Bonus Level mix we find the helmsman summon his Chi-town sensibility, complimenting the abrasive lead with jacking percussion and a bouncier bottom end.  The DJ tool lends a nice touch too, stripping away the brazen rhythms to reveal the lighter layers of the mix, as well as as the quirky vocal.

The Area Elevation Remix of Dirt rounds things off, having first being released in digital format on the Echologist’s Snow Blower EP towards the end of last year.  It is here where Area comes into his own, lifting the dub stab from the original and burying it amongst taut, lumbering textures that wax and wane over pulsating staccato beats.  As happy unions go, this goes down as a fine effort that thoroughly deserves it’s place in the physical realm of music.

For soundclips click here

or stream the original in full below:

To listen to Area’s Reductio Ad Absurdum podcast, click here.

Words by Robin Would

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