05: Till von Sein

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So you’re in South Africa now, chilling in the sun with the missus.  I believe you have family there and spend January in Cape Town every year now (for those that don’t know, it is currently summer in South Africa)… how long have you been doing this?  What’s your favourite thing about SA (apart from the gorgeous weather)?

I came here the first time for NYE 93… You could really tell there was a special vibe in the air after all the strange things happening before, don’t wanna use the ‘A‘ word ;) 
Since 2006 I came here every January to chill, produce music and basically hang with my parents who bought a house here.  chill here 2-4 months a year and I don’t see that much in good old Ger’money’ due to my- and their work.

Do you tend to go to any clubs or bars when in SA?  What are your thoughts on the music scene there?

Oh, I’m a lazy one… I rather stay in the hammock and work on tracks and my tan than go out… I’m quite happy to be away from all that nightlife madness for 4 weeks a year ;)  I been to some bars on Long Street, of course… and last year I played at a club in Cape Town ,which was really nice as well.  
This weekend I went to the Rezonance Festival with my buddy Pierre Estienne and we played 3 hours b2b and had a great time.

You seem to be good mates with Soul Clap, who have rocketed to fame in the last year.  What do you think makes some artists get the attention of press over others, if they both have good music? I mean I hear some pretty good music from artists that never make it into press.

When you do what everybody else does, even if do it good, I guess it’s kinda hard to make it… 
and especially the infamous UK press who are always down for what’s new and the hype and andandand… 
you rather come around the corner with some unique new flavour to impress journalist and make em write about you.

In another interview you said that you want to do house music that sounds like a Tribe Called Quest but perform like D’Angelo in the How Does It Feel video, I’m sure the ladies would love that ;)  Which hip hop producer do you think would kill it if they made the cross over to deep house?

The list is too loooong ;)… but i would love to hear some by Pete Rock, Sean J Period and Madlib.

What does Till Von Sweeezie do other than music? Apparently you like to buy T shirts and throw them away? Do you own a clothing store? Tell us about that.

hehe… yeah I had a streetwear store for 7 years… was good fun back then, but at one point I decided to focus on the music. Besides that I still love clothes and everywhere I travel I need to check out the local stores first.  
Most of the time I hang around with my best friend Adam Port, sitting in our local cafe in our hood and talk about whatever comes along… we can do that every day for hours and hours.

What is on the cards for 2011… Remixes, EPs, starting up a German sausage stand in SA?

A new EP with Tigerskin on Dirt Crew Recordings will be out in January and an EP with Aera on Pets (the label of the Cat n Dogz guys) will be out in April.  Together with Aera I also did a remix for the next Pets EP… Chopstick and I will release a new EP for Suol in June (latest) and solo I work on a remix for Compost and my debut album for Suol… 
and touring touring touring… lots of shows already scheduled for all over Europe the first 6 months of the year.


01.  Derek Denubar – Now U Know
02.  Joshua Iz feat Diazo – It Iz What It Iz (Russ Gabriel mix)
03.  Soul Element feat Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya
04.  Imaani Brown – Closer
05.  Eddie Leader – Nod To The Old Skool
06.  Erykah Badu – Honey (Ron Trent dub)
07.  Matan Caps & Marcus Person – Simply Beautiful
08.  Block 16 – Morning Sun (Pepe Bradock remix)
09.  Clyde & Capitol A – Serve It Up (Starship Interpretation)
10.  Bleep District – Science & Soul
11.  Gypsymen – Hear The Music (Davidson Opine & Oscar P remix)
12.  Roy Davis jr – Michael

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