Scott Ferguson – Demon Otmas Ter Ed – Kinda Soul

I first heard about KSoul in 2007 with the release of the stunning Turning Point with Ra.H on Sistrum.  2 years later I found myself having to get in touch with him regarding his label Kinda Soul for my day job.  I couldn’t believe my luck, to this day that song blows me away and little old me was getting to speak to such a magnificent producer.  I have also spoken to Scott Ferguson about his magnificent label Ferrispark, so you can imagine my shock when I only discovered this beauty a week ago.  It was released in December 2008.

It’s a great loopy affair not for your average dancefloor as the name might suggest Demon Otmas Ter Ed.

Where to buy it, well the vinyl is out of stock now but you can get it digitally here, the whole EP is worthy a purchase.


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