Definition of Reductio Ad Absurdum

The Latin phrase reductio ad absurdum means “reduction to the absurd.” It is used to refer to the process of demonstrating that an idea is probably false by first assuming its truth, and then showing how that truth leads to absurd conclusions which cannot possibly be true. The process is also used in ethical philosophy by assuming the moral validity of some principle, and then showing that acceptance of it would lead to very unethical consequences.

Why We Chose The Name

We’re not sure really, it sounded cool when Sheldon said it in The Big Bang and since we generally talk a lot of gobbledygook we thought it would be appropriate to use for something that involved words and when we started this blog it was only natural that we should use it.

About The Blog

This is a safe place, a place where we can be free, think of this blog as a nest, a safe tree if you will for us to talk about anything. We like to talk about music mainly but sometimes we like to listen to others talk about music or art or design or doodlebugging or microwaving blocks of cheese (that’s our favorite).  On a more serious note, this blog is generally about all things to do with the deeper genre’s of music.  So welcome and enjoy. PS. We’re massive lovers and supporters of analog.

About Sahin Meyer


*Michael Reinboth (Compost)* 4/5

*Brendon Moeller* – digging this! solid release

*Till Von Sein* – i dig i cant go broke and eva’s rmx..nice dubby chordy stuff..thanks

*Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings)* – excellent deepness here…really like a1, a2 and b2…will play and support!

*darko esser* – Exciting & fresh release on Best Works once again! I am looking forward to every new release :-) I can’t go wrong with either of these trax, so I will try them out in different situations! Thnx for the wicked sounds.

*alex kid* – Very nice one! Thanks!

*atjazz* – yup, hit the nail on the head, this is good!… original mix gives the style out here!

*sian* – superb record…well done chaps!

*osunlade* – thanks for the latest promo. i love the world cup of the future and all its remixes, very techy deep…ill be charting and supporting this one for sure!

*Fish Go Deep* – ” B2 is working well for me, nice spacey groove for those late night moments.”

*Jimmy P* (Faith show on Ministry of Sound http://ministryofsound.com/radio/artist/FaithFanzine) – “I LOVE this! The Jacek mix in particular – I’ll certainly be playing it out and on my radio show.”

*Azuni* (Drumpoet) – “Thanks for that one! nice EP, my favourite is A1. will definitly be played out!”

*Cottam* – “Wicked stuff guys. Had a proper blast on my proper speakers and me and my 6 month old son had a boogie round the front room. We both got into the groove.”

*Lakuti (Uzuri / Sud Electronic)* – “thanx for the lovely ep from you guys . will defo be playing it in my sets”

*Jordan Fields* – “SAHIN MEYER World Cup South Africa 2010 EP (12″) on Best Works Germany is a perfect 12″ I am into all of this stuff ! BUY IT NOW! It’s gonna sell out quickly!!!”

*Cheap & Deep Productions (Jah Ahern / Hauntologists)* – “the tunes sound great! and i love your track titles by the way”

*Jozif (MOG, Resident Advisor)* – “wow wee That World Cup of the Future is ace!….

*KSoul (Kinda Soul / Sistrum)* – “I definitely liked the link you send me and I would be happy to have the vinyl. Much better for me to play vinyl”

*Nitzan Hermon (Fine Art Recordings)* – Really like ‘I can’t go broke’, solid groove. Respect.

*KAREEM RAïHANi* – Exelent release, definatly airplay and clubplay from here.. Specialy A1 and A2 love the slow paste tempo!

*James Huxley* – Great work. Jaceks remix is top!

*Domu* – Really love ,love ,love “I Cant Go Broke”lovely deep, warm music for the soul. thanks

*makossa* – NICE, DEEP VIBES ! will play Jacek rx (&original)

*Laurent Garnier* – I love the atmosphere of both tracks, I will try World Cup

*Ben Wijay (Phreakin / Canute)*
– really enjoyed this – especially I CAN´T GO BROKE – very soulful electronica!!!!


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