Africa Is The Future

Video released yesterday of Black Coffee‘s ‘We Are One’ featuring the mighty Hugh Masekela.

We are one…


Hot Shit: Andre Lodemann presents Don’t Panic EP

Andre Lodemann proving that he is not just one of those artists that just sticks to what put them in the limelight or what is hot right now…His productions just keep getting better and better.

Andre Lodemann presents Don’t Panic EP (Room With A View)


Released by: Room With a View
Release/catalogue number: VIEW015
Release date: Apr 1, 2011

Video: Jus Ed and Move D – Its A Struggle

Jus Ed & Move D‘s video for their new track ‘It’s A Struggle‘ released yesterday on digital only (points lost for no vinyl) has caused a bit of a stir at the office.  Ed’s legendary label, Underground Quality, is seriously good and this track is… um… nice… but it could do without the video.

I really hate to hate on such a talented musician but, hey, any publicity is good publicity, right!  Sorry Ed, we still love you.

Andreas Saag feat Filip Leyman – Leslie’s Vision (Room With A View)

Swedish producer Andreas Saag, a man that needs no introduction, is back once again with another brilliant release. Supported by the likes of Charles Webster, Iron Curtis & Soul Minority, it quickly becomes very apparent as to why once you give this a listen. The EP is titled “Leslie’s Vision” and features the very talented and good friend of Andreas, Filip Leyman.

The song is the result of a late night jam session between the two in Filip’s studio in Gothenburg.

Available in three versions, the original, deeper and deepest versions, there’s something for every occasion or DJ’s personal style.  The deeper the version the more it is stripped down from the original while simultaneously becoming deeper with less instruments.

The original is the main attraction, rich with live instruments including a Hammond organ, live drums, old drum machines and analogue synths that truly bring the track to life. Andreas’ beautiful and captivating piano solo steals the show. All his emotion was poured into this 3 minute or so segment and is well and truly felt by the listener. This climaxes into a menacing low bass-line played on organ bass pedals which, accompanied by analogue synths, smoothly ease the listener out of this 10 minute voyage of a song. This song is well and most definitely one of the milestones in Andreas Saag’s producing years, a sure classic that will still be as beautiful many years from now. Available now on Room With A View.

Andreas Saag feat Filip Leyman – Leslie’s Vision (Room With A View)


Words by Andile Ayza Mahlaba

Prommer und Barck feat. Lois Longerling – Lovin’ (Best Works)

Berlin-based Best Works Records are back with their 10th release, staying true to their name with a powerful three track EP by veterans Christian Prommer and Jazzanova’s Alexander Barck aptly titled: Lovin’, along with a remix courtesy of Best Works co-owner Andre Lodemann.

A twist even more amazing than the Inception movie is perhaps too subtle a metaphor for the title track: Lovin’. It starts off with a slow and steady mid-tempo-like bassline, greeted by dreamy pads, subtle keys and a laid back vocal. Soon becoming more deliberate in its build-up (with the introduction of Prommer’s drumming pieces), and then… the listener is dropped down the rabbit hole. The tempo is drastically changed, highs are crisper, and a sultry female vocal is introduced – taking us all the way through Deep House wonderland. It really isn’t every day where you hear producers trying such daft experiments (successfully), but the experienced duo pull it off perfectly.

Everything about the Alex & Grizzly’s Dub will make you wanna bob, or at least move some part of your body. This, thanks to groovy basslines, inviting highs, playful keys, and some rather intricate kicks. Definitely one of the more dancefloor-friendly cuts on the release.

Lodemann makes full use of the vocals from the original, building effortlessly around them. In a remix which is more of a constantly building and changing journey, than just another re-arranging of patterns. Class deepness from the Best Works man.

The Prommer & Barck duo have given us a glimpse of their forward-thinking productions, and judging from this one, we’ll definitely be looking forward to their “Alex and the Grizzly” release, a first on the duo’s brand-new Derwin Recordings label – coming in April.

Prommer und Barck feat Lois Longerling – Lovin’ (Best Works)

Words by Daniel Gonsalves

Och – Dicken’s Tracks (PAL SL)

Och is the latest incarnation of Autoreply boss Dicken Lean. Having released under Confetti Bomb on his own label, he keeps good company with an illustrious collection of artists that includes Baby Ford and Dan Curtin. However, it is this latest moniker that sees him explore a tougher sound compared to the more minimal leanings of before, with a recent release on PAL SL already drawing attention from the likes of Zip, Gerd Janson and Miles Sagnia to name a few.

Bombay Bedbath is tech house with zeal. It sounds like it was recorded in the very rooms the producer probably pictured it would (and should) be thundering through. The tumbling percussion and rolling bass immediately draws the listener in, even before the moaning vocalist reminds us that ‘it’s too late’. There is also a strange gritty ‘oldness’ that permeates the entire production (helped along somewhat by some beautifully original artwork). That bleak, bygone-era-with-a-modern-twist image is touched on briefly in the floating, breathy soundscape of Interlude Intuitive. In contrast to the tautness of the opener, Out of Key In seems like more of an introspective moment, it’s uneasy rhythmic snaps and lamenting de-tuned piano spiralling deep into melancholic, bass-heavy techno territory.

Sitting down to write this review, I am sadly restricted to my headphones, and thus I can only imagine the devastation these frequencies will cause at high volume. Obviously not content with evoking an emotional reaction through his music, the producer has also felt the need to evoke a physical one too! Broken down into it’s parts, each track offers something of substance to fans of that genre, but as a whole, this is an instantly classic-sounding record that eclipses current trends and straddles the timeline stretching from ‘then’ to ‘now’.

Och – Dickens Tracks (PAL SL)

Words by Robin Would

Disney Remix by Pogo

Good morning folks,

Our good friend Erhan Sengenc from Turkey was over visiting this weekend and turned us onto this.  Pogo has had over 5 million views just on this one clip so there will be very few of you who haven’t seen it.  But for those who haven’t:

His name is Nick Bertke, better known as Pogo and has remixed movies such as Alice, Up and Terminator.  Which has led to him working for studios including Disney Pixar and Showtime, appearing in the Wall Street Journal, performing for YouTube Play at the Guggenheim Museum, and has had over 12 million people view his videos on YouTube.

He’s currently busy with the World remix series where he gets society to donate money for him to travel to different places in the world to film which he then remixes from his studio in Australia.  The first in his world remix series was of our home country South Africa, which isn’t as good in our opinion – not like his Disney series anyway.

The Best Valentine Song We Ever Heard

You would think a heart shaped vinyl that gets released just before Valentines Day would be something you buy on the home shopping channel and be rubbish but this is far from it, with both singers voices complementing each other perfectly over a subtle and beautifully arranged track.  Valentine by Jessie Ware and Sampha is truly an amazing track.

Both artists are fairly new to our ears but what we have found in our research is a pair of talented people that are definitely about to blow up.

Yes Yes Y’all

If you have some spare time on your hands, or just need something fresh to listen to, Yes Yes Y’all offers a platform for music videos to be viewed in a never-ending playlist of awesomness. Tune in.

We found this artist on there called Tyler The Creator… he blew our minds, can’t even find the words to describe it, we are just plain stunned by his flow.  If you like Hip Hop, click play.

At the time of posting this the video had been up for 13 hours and had 25,000 views, just over 24 hours later and he has 300,000 views.

Sahin Meyer Fine Art Podcast Guest Mix

We recently did a podcast for Nitzan over at Fine Art Recordings, really enjoyed this as we were asked to keep it deep and not your normal dancefloor four to the floor which suited us just fine.

Greta Cottage – Workshop (Brun Submariner mix)
Stereociti – Waiting For Your Call
Sven Weisemann – Xine Rising
Ben Rouke – After Hours (Pier Bucci)
Blakkat – In This World (Blakkat Devotional)
Secret Syndicate – Freshly Sound (Main Voc)
Dollkraut – Loot
San Proper & Steven De Peven – Twif Twaf
Sect – Thieve Scrilla
Fred Cherry – Busride To The Zoo

Stream here


Subscribe to this podcast here

Scott Ferguson – Demon Otmas Ter Ed – Kinda Soul

I first heard about KSoul in 2007 with the release of the stunning Turning Point with Ra.H on Sistrum.  2 years later I found myself having to get in touch with him regarding his label Kinda Soul for my day job.  I couldn’t believe my luck, to this day that song blows me away and little old me was getting to speak to such a magnificent producer.  I have also spoken to Scott Ferguson about his magnificent label Ferrispark, so you can imagine my shock when I only discovered this beauty a week ago.  It was released in December 2008.

It’s a great loopy affair not for your average dancefloor as the name might suggest Demon Otmas Ter Ed.

Where to buy it, well the vinyl is out of stock now but you can get it digitally here, the whole EP is worthy a purchase.

Esa/Mervin Granger – Luxarama (Rememory Music) review

Esa Williams has been a very busy man.  Between curating Red Bull Music Academy workshops and running the popular Subculture nights in his adopted city of Glasgow, not to mention forming part of live act Sensu and DJing some of the biggest festivals around Europe, Cape Town born Esa has somehow found the time to launch Rememory Music, a boutique label complete with unique vinyl artwork, as well as summon a few friends (who also happen to be some of Scotland’s finest producers) for remix duties on it’s first two releases.

The latest of these is Luxarama, so named as a respectful nod to the artist’s childhood introduction to musical theatre by his late father, who he proudly names as the main driving force behind his work today.  With a foot so firmly rooted in the past, this EP evokes an almost nostalgic window on the future.  Esa has managed to inject his memories, history and inspiration straight into the shiny keys and dubby pads of the title track, each element evolving tantalisingly over an infectious 4/4 arrangement that itself seems to progress with every bar. In contrast, the Midnight Marauders mix is a far more submerged affair.  Ross Telford and Ali Herron (one half of OOFT) retain the undulating nature of the original, but this time rely on more polished keys and drier percussion as their preferred method of propulsion.  Williams ends things off with the Mervin Granger’s at the Luxarama dub, dispensing with the restraint displayed before, and opting to elevate the circular piano and radiant dub elements to dizzying, hypnotic heights.

Having already earned the seal of approval from the likes of Jimpster, Mixmag (House Tune of the Month) and (Record of the Day), it is hard not to proclaim that 2011 looks to be a banner year for this young artist.  It’s no secret that this blog holds a special place for fellow South African expats, so we for one will be paying close attention.

Esa/Mervin Granger – Luxarama
Luxarama (Midnight Marauders Mix)
Luxarama (Mervin Granger’s At The Luxarama dub)

Words by Robin Would

Jamie Lidell Unplugged

Special live / unplugged performance of I Wanna Be Your Telephone by experimental artist Jamie Lidell.  The track comes off his last album entitled Compass which was produced by Beck.  Lidell is known for layering tracks made with his voice into a microphone and performing the percussion and melody as a sequenced, beatboxing one-man band. Then over his augmented voices, he sings soul-inspired songs.

To watch the full interview go to:

Part 1

Click here to hear the album version and the remixes by Bill Youngman & Tiga.

The World’s Best Song

Just a brief post to let you all know of this tune which was rated by BBC Radio 1 as the world’s best song.

James Blake – Limit To Your Love

This is James’ first effort at a full vocal track, up until now he was known for really good electronic music… not a bad first attempt we would say.

and the original that was covered by Feist which is equally beautiful

and here is the BBC interview

Buy it here

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Area – Tangled In (Steadfast) review

Steadfast Records has put itself on the map in a relatively short space of time, thanks in part to the prowess and respect earned by label head Brendon Moeller, but also being held aloft by a steady string of releases covering the spectrum from deep house to techno in its many varying forms.

Area (also known as m50, resident Reductio podcaster) has debuted his first full release for the imprint recently, which turns out to be a rather compelling modern-day union between New York and Chicago, two of the more iconic and historic cities in the dance music skyline.  The original of Tangled In staggers along in loose, syncopated fashion, steadily building a claustrophobic collage of tension around a gritty kick drum and swelling bass.  On the Bonus Level mix we find the helmsman summon his Chi-town sensibility, complimenting the abrasive lead with jacking percussion and a bouncier bottom end.  The DJ tool lends a nice touch too, stripping away the brazen rhythms to reveal the lighter layers of the mix, as well as as the quirky vocal.

The Area Elevation Remix of Dirt rounds things off, having first being released in digital format on the Echologist’s Snow Blower EP towards the end of last year.  It is here where Area comes into his own, lifting the dub stab from the original and burying it amongst taut, lumbering textures that wax and wane over pulsating staccato beats.  As happy unions go, this goes down as a fine effort that thoroughly deserves it’s place in the physical realm of music.

For soundclips click here

or stream the original in full below:

To listen to Area’s Reductio Ad Absurdum podcast, click here.

Words by Robin Would

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This Guy is Bloody Amazing

We all know Fink is bloody amazing, but he’s outdone himself in this cover of REM (and I don’t even like REM).  Above is a video of him performing The Apologist live on radio.  I saw him at an Ame gig at Plastic People once and had to keep myself from going up and telling him how awesome he is.

Fink is one of the few things I can listen to over and over and over.  Good music for the soul.

Plus I just found out he’s done dubs of his own music which came out on Gus.

Listen here

Fin Greenall is Fink, electronic singer-songwriter type, whose last album, Sort of Revolution, came out on Ninja Tune last year. Greenall is also Sideshow, who records post-punk-tinged dub that’s good at tightening the screws for Aus. Fink Dubs, then, is Greenall dubbing his own work.

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HUNDRED STRONG – Stylin’ Free EP Guynamukat remixes (Mukatsuku)

We just thought we’d share this super dope record with you.  Guynamukat (Nik Weston) does a great job of remixing Hundred Strong’s Stylin’ Free in the form of deep house.

Take a listen by clicking on the image or here.

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Pjotr – Sojush (Ethereal) review

Something is up in Moscow. With the likes of SCSI-9, Nina Kraviz and Anton Zap all calling the city home, and nights like Propaganda attracting the who’s who in the world of house, there certainly seems to be no shortage of talent or activity.

It is Zap‘s Ethereal Sound that introduces the elusive Pjotr for it’s latest release.  It is safe to say that the anonymous producer idea has been done to death, but one thing it undeniably provides is a platform where the music speaks for itself, rather than the reputation or history of the (wo)man behind the machine.  Sojush is a warm, winter blanket, literally. Listening to this record makes one want to pull it closer and snuggle.  I can’t really think of a better way to describe it.  All the staples are present (dirty analogue kicks, head-bobbing basslines, twinkly bells, upward-moving pads, etc.) but the strength lies in the execution.  Each track sounds effortless, simply requiring you to listen, and maybe dance if the mood strikes, but if not it’s okay – just listen.  One can almost picture oneself standing in the middle of the dancefloor, eyes closed, just letting each slowly-released element wash over you.  This is deep house, done WELL.

Stream below or by clicking here.

Words by Robin Would

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