Och – Dicken’s Tracks (PAL SL)

Och is the latest incarnation of Autoreply boss Dicken Lean. Having released under Confetti Bomb on his own label, he keeps good company with an illustrious collection of artists that includes Baby Ford and Dan Curtin. However, it is this latest moniker that sees him explore a tougher sound compared to the more minimal leanings of before, with a recent release on PAL SL already drawing attention from the likes of Zip, Gerd Janson and Miles Sagnia to name a few.

Bombay Bedbath is tech house with zeal. It sounds like it was recorded in the very rooms the producer probably pictured it would (and should) be thundering through. The tumbling percussion and rolling bass immediately draws the listener in, even before the moaning vocalist reminds us that ‘it’s too late’. There is also a strange gritty ‘oldness’ that permeates the entire production (helped along somewhat by some beautifully original artwork). That bleak, bygone-era-with-a-modern-twist image is touched on briefly in the floating, breathy soundscape of Interlude Intuitive. In contrast to the tautness of the opener, Out of Key In seems like more of an introspective moment, it’s uneasy rhythmic snaps and lamenting de-tuned piano spiralling deep into melancholic, bass-heavy techno territory.

Sitting down to write this review, I am sadly restricted to my headphones, and thus I can only imagine the devastation these frequencies will cause at high volume. Obviously not content with evoking an emotional reaction through his music, the producer has also felt the need to evoke a physical one too! Broken down into it’s parts, each track offers something of substance to fans of that genre, but as a whole, this is an instantly classic-sounding record that eclipses current trends and straddles the timeline stretching from ‘then’ to ‘now’.

Och – Dickens Tracks (PAL SL)

Words by Robin Would