Video: Move D with Juju and Jordash

We thought these videos of Move D and Juju & Jordash performing live are quite cool.

This second one has San Soda putting in his 2 pennies worth (in the form of an accapella).

It’s great to see such a massive move away from laptop DJing and so many artists taking up proper live performances.


Video: Jus Ed and Move D – Its A Struggle

Jus Ed & Move D‘s video for their new track ‘It’s A Struggle‘ released yesterday on digital only (points lost for no vinyl) has caused a bit of a stir at the office.  Ed’s legendary label, Underground Quality, is seriously good and this track is… um… nice… but it could do without the video.

I really hate to hate on such a talented musician but, hey, any publicity is good publicity, right!  Sorry Ed, we still love you.